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3 day sponsor  €50

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 (€10.72 per day , 107 cents per ad)

14 day Sponsor  €100

 (7.15 per day 71 cents per ad)

1 month (28 day)  €175

(€6.25 per day 62 cents per ad) 

Your Radio ad / message on Silk FM Spain... a 30 second power ad.. min 10 times a day from only 62 cents per ad .

Place your ad on line now and we will have it live in 12 hours... It's easy just write your wording below (Or if you have a pre recorded ad already just email the file to andy@spainsaver.com  and we will edit it down to 30 seconds if it is longer). 

Press send then chose your duration from the plans opposite and pay on line .... we will contact you to confirm receipt, payment and advise you of scheduled play time for your ad. 

Website display ads on our news / features pages 6 months €100 Book on line here 


We will design free of charge your display ad. Just complete the form below. if you have a logo or image display add just complete the form below and email the Image / display ad to andy@spainsaver.com. ... Once we have received your order we will send you a copy of your ad with an invoice for 6 months inclusion on our site.. For longer period or larger display advertising, feature advertising or Contra deal / Commission sales advertising please contact us and we can chat 

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