Spain is the most popular gay tourist destination in Europe

According to a report published by LGBT Capital, Spain earns the largest share of its GDP from gay tourism although the USA remains the top gay tourism destination worldwide.

Gay and lesbian visitors to Spain contribute about €6.1 billion to the economy, representing 0.48 percent of GDP.

Spain is ranked among the most gay friendly countries in the world thanks to equal rights leglisation that saw it become only the third nation to allow same-sex marriages.

France earns €5.9 billion a year (representing 0.23 percent of GDP), while the UK earns €4.38 billion (0.17 percent of GDP) and Italy €4.1 billion.

Revenues from gay spenders are close to nearly €20billion in the USA, according to LGBT Capital, an investment firm based in the British Virgin Islands that focuses on gay-themed assets.

LGBT tourism represents an estimated ten percent of the global industry but gay people prove to be big spenders, contributing more than 15 percent of the tourism generated revenue.


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