Study reveals unborn babies 'sing and dance' to music

New research in Spain proves that unborn babies can hear and respond to music at just 16 weeks, ten weeks earlier than previously thought, but only if played through a 'musical tampon'.

The incredible 3D images show the foetuses opening their mouths and sticking out their tongues in response to music emitted this way. "The foetuses responded to the music by moving their mouths and their tongues as if they wanted to speak or sing," said the Instituto Marqués, which unveiled the results of the tests - carried out on 100 pregnant women - on Tuesday.Previous research had concluded that the auditory system does not start working until the 26th week of pregnancy.As well as shining a light on the mysteries of the baby in the womb, the new research could help in the diagnosis of conditions such as deafness, as well as helping to improve ultrasound scans because of the movement the music provokes in the foetus.


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