Why the media went Bowie crazy

With the sad announcement of the un timely death of David Bowie (NOT David Bauwwie) the media of radio went into melt down virtually ever station in the world was playing his music or at least talking about him... Some criticized this saying it was over kill.. So lets just take a look at why Davids death sparked such a reaction with radio presenters and DJs to the delight of millions of radio listeners.

Bowie was the master of re invention, long before Madonna realised it was the thing to do if you wanted to remain current, from his very early days as a poet and unknown song writer living in Brixton he was not afraid to write , sing or say what he felt and did not really care if anybody else liked it, he knew he did and that was the main thing. Born in 1947 at 40 Stansfield rd , Brixton as David Jones, he released his debut album in 1967 just as swinging London was starting to become main stream commercial. He played at the 2nd Glastonbury festival in 1971.

He was a very shy person and this led to him creating the character Ziggy Stardust because he thought he could then sing his own songs in disguise because he wanted to avoid the humiliation of going on stage and being rejected as David. By 1975 he was a major star , with 3 massive hit albums to his name , Ziggy, Aladdin Sane and Diamond Dogs. Later that year he released Young Americans,including the track "Fame" which was a dig at his new celebrity status. He certainly lived the rock n roll lifestyle of the 70s and was not at all bothered about the clean image that so many radio stations, record labels and managers want from their "stars" today, but there again how many of todays sars will get wall to wall radio coverage when they finally meet their maker 40 years on.

But by 1976 the drugs had taken their toll, he was thin, pale gaunt and in his own words totally wiped out..emotionally , phychically ....

In 83 he re emerged, having sorted himself out and once agin re inventing himself he was lively, smart and once again focussed

He went on to appear in movies and even turned down an offer to play the villain in the James Bond film "A view to a Kill" with Roger Moore and Grace Jones.

In the 90s he re invented himself again as a respectable, married memeber of the New York and London Art scene.

To say hello to the new millenium Bowie returned to Glastonbury, but this time as the headline "turn"

He went on to develop is writing , internet business and bringing up his family andwas rarely seem publically

In 2013 he returned (Having kept his medical condition secret to all but a very close few) for 2 final albums, he died in 2016 2 days afer his 69th birthday on which he also released his final album "Blackstar".

The album has been described as his legacy to the world a work with more force, wit and innovation than you would expect from any artist , let alone one of his age who knew he was suffering from terminal cancer . Always the "Hero" Bowie one of Bowies final acts before his death was to "Follow" God on Twitter .

And if you are still one of the minority that though Radio and media did an overkill following Davids death , here are just a few of the act that have said that he was an inspiration to them ... R.I.P. STARMAN ... The Killers, Pulp,Vivienne Westwood, Michael Jackson, Derek Jarman, Guillermo Del Toro, Duncan Jones, Scissor Sisters, John Lennon, Scott Walker, Ricky Gervais, Tracy Emin, Edgar Wright, Kate Bush, Morrissey, Gary Newman, Siouxsie & The Banshees,Hedi Slimane, Michael Clark, Radiohead, Lou Reed, Philip Glass, U2, Grace jones, The Mighty boosch, Sex Pistols, LCD Soundsystem, Boy George , Iggy Pop, Kiss, Jean Paul Gaultier , Carl Craig, Sonic Youth, Karl Lagerfeld, Soft Cell, Madonna, Joy Division, Eurythmics, Blur, Spandau Ballet, The Cure, Lady Gaga, Public Enemy, Queen, Eddie IzzardDepeche Mode, The Rolling Stones, Kraftwerk, Nine Inch nails, Talking heads and MANY MORE ...... Sorry to say One Direction or Little Mix or David Guetta are not on the list TFFT.... lol x


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