The Crispy Cod in Fuengirola, Revue

Calle Europa 5 local 2 | Paseo Maritimo Rey de España, 29640Fuengirola, Spain

Phone +34 952 58 73 51 Website

The food bunny visited here on a weekday evening in February at 7.30pm.

It is situated on the sea front at the Castle end of Fuengirola, just in front of Las Piramides hotel. On arrival the small terrace was full and there were a couple of people waiting at the counter for take away orders, There were tables available inside though , and a couple of small tables in front of the serving counter, one of which we perched ourselves at. The Clientele appeared to be mainly mid aged Brits and judging by the number who were eating Fish and Chips accompanied by a bottle of wine , I would guess were ex pat residents, (Which is usually a good sign the food is good LOL) ...

The place is well decorated , spotlessly clean and the background music is easy listening "oldies" and not too loud to prevent conversation.

Within 2 minutes of sitting down the young waiter took our order, he was very polite and welcoming. I ordered Large Cod, Chips, Bread and Butter and Tea. my fellow food bunny ordered the same......

The Tea arrived instantly but there was about a 10 minute wait before the food arrived (Due to a party of 6 and a large takeaway order in front of us)... but would rather have a hot drink served with the meal, obviously if we were drinking wine then its not a problem :-)

When the food arrived , it was nicely presented , Fish and Chips with a slice of lemon and a sml bowl of tartar sauce. It was hot and obviously freshly prepared, The fish was flaky , succulent with a crispy light batter and of a much higher quality than you often get in the UK, the chips hot and fresh , if a little dry,(the chips were fresh, not frozen, but the dryness leads me to believe that they may buy them in ready peeled and cut, rather than peel and cut their own potatoes in house) guess on the plus side they are healthier that way... The total bill for the 2 of us was around 22 euros,

Having eaten Fish and Chips in many places on the Costa del Sol I can honestly say that the ones served here rank amongst the best.

If I were to level one negative point here though it is that smoking is allowed on the terrace which was enclosed on 3 sides (So technically not allowed here in Spain) and due to the fact there were a few people smoking without regard to people around them eating , I have to deduct one point for them allowing this. But overall Good Value, Good Food and 9 out of 10.


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