Gibraltar should be shared, Spain tells Britain, Spain has proposed allowing the people of Gibraltar

Spain has suggested that sovereignty of Gibraltar should be shared with Britain,in view of the fact More than 95% of voters in Gibraltar voted to stay in the EU. This would allow Gib to in the European Union.Under the plan, Gibraltarians would be able to keep their British nationality - but they would also be able to gain Spanish citizenship.

But Gibraltar's chief minister has rejected the proposal.

Calls for joint sovereignty have increased following Brexit, with Spain arguing that the area, should not miss out on EU benefits because of the UK's decision.

Spain's UN ambassador Roman Oyarzun said he wanted to the matter to be discussed.

"Spain has formally invited the United Kingdom to open negotiations to reach an agreement so that the mandates of European Union treaties keep being applied in Gibraltar," he told a UN committee.

The idea of joint sovereignty is not new . A proposal was agreed by Britain and Spain in 2002, but was scrapped after Gibraltarians rejected it in a referendum.

Peter Wilson, the UK's deputy permanent representative at the UN, said Britain would not enter any negotiations with which Gibraltar was not content.


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