Irish drug trafficker Christy Kinahan still at liberty on the Costa del Sol?

More than six years after Christy Kinahan was arrested in Spain as part of a huge operation to smash his alleged global drugs and weapons business, the Irishman and his cohorts remain at liberty, thanks in large part to the inefficiency of the Spanish legal system.

“We’re used to trials being delayed here on the Costa del Sol, but this is unheard of,” says an unnamed civil servant, voicing a view shared by other judicial officials.In May 2010, after a two-year investigation involving the Spanish, Irish, British, Belgian and Dutch authorities and involving some 700 officers in total, Spanish police moved against Kinahan and his gang with coordinated surprise raids and arrests on Costa del Sol addresses registered to him. More than 30 people were arrested in so-called “Operation Shovel” throughout Europe, among them Kinahan and several of his associates and family.The investigation focused not only on drug-trafficking but also on the money-laundering and property investments in which Kinahan, who was arrested at his Marbella villa, was allegedly involved. Read more at El Pais


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