Watch Video As The Proverbial Hits The Fan As Spain Chooses Eurovision Entry....

MANEL NAVARRO will represent Spain at Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev. He was victorious in the live selection He was selected in a live show on TVR named Objectivo Eurovision. But it was not plain sailing and the result was not popular with everybody.

Following a public vote combined with judges votes ,which resulted in a tie between Manel and fellow singer Mirela. However, the TV company,TVE, had previously issued a statement which said that the jury would have the final decision in case of a tie. The judges subsequently chose Navarro as the Spanish representative in the contest. This decision was not a popular one with many in the audience making their views very clear with. ontinuous booing of the voting process and one member of the public had to be forcefully removed from the studio after shouting and swearing during the live TV show.


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