Podemos leader wins landslide re-election

Pablo Iglesias has secured his leadership of Podemos, winning re-election as secretary general of the Spanish anti-austerity party with 89% of the vote and defeating a challenge from his deputy.

The party, which was born out of Spain’s economic crisis , has been dogged in recent months of infighting after failing to meet expectations in last June’s general election.

Iglesias has called for Podemos to remain committed to its roots as a popular protest movement, but the party’s deputy, Iñigo Errejón, has called for a more pragmatic and less confrontational stance.


The tension between the two men and their differing approaches dominated the run-up to this weekend’s party congress, with Iglesias vowing to step down as secretary general if his agenda and list of candidates for Podemos’s leadership council failed to win majority approval.

The party’s supporters voted almost unanimously for him to remain leader. The only other candidate for secretary general, Juan Moreno Yagüe, an Andalusian MP, got just 10.9% of the vote.


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