Katie Price feeds up her husband so other woman won't chase after him !!

Katie Price is allegedly fattening up her husband Kieran Hayler to make him less attractive to other woman.

"Pricey" - who’s been with Kieran for over 4 years (That's gotta be a record) - has reportedly been encouraging him to eat more and wants him to leave his days as a male stripper well behind.

When they both got together , Kieran was routinely spending a large part of his day "undressed" and had a solid, gym-honed body.

But at last week’s premiere of 50 Shades Darker, Kieran showed off a much fuller figure than before .....Sources close to the couple said Katie wants to make Kieran less attractive to other women, after cheating on her with her friend Jane Pountney back in 2014.

“Katie has struggled to move on from the cheating,” a source told Closer magazine. “She feels vulnerable and her confidence has been knocked. She’s subconsciously tried hard to change Kieran’s former identity."She wanted to say goodbye to ‘stripper Kieran’ and hello to a doting, faithful husband.”According to the source, Katie's discouraging Kieran, 29, from working out, and reassures him that she likes him exactly how he is. "A fuller man" ...


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