Old Toyotas sold disguised as Lamborghinis and Ferraris on the internet in Spain

Spanish police have broken up a gang who transformed old Toyotas into fake Ferraris and Lamborghinis and sold them on the internet as the real McCoy .

Three people were arrested at garage near Girona in Catalonia , Northern Spain, four fake Ferraris were also in the garage awaiting sale. Police also found 14 vehicles at various stages of transformation from normal family cars into top-end sports cars.The mechanics took second hand Toyotas and bolted fiberglass "look alike" bodies of Ferraris or Lamborghinis onto them they also added fake badges and trimmings onto the cars before selling them via the internet .A Police statement read ,The dashboard had been altered using stickers made to look like Ferrari dials.The gang were tracked down after one of the cars was offered for sale in Benidorm for €40,000.


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