Meet you outside The Michael Jackson in Malaga

For years it was a famous and well known landmark in Malaga situated just by the "End of the line" Renfe rail station Centro Alameda, known as the black building... all Malaguenos would say to friends and family arriving to their city "I will meet you outside the Black building" ... "Te encontraré fuera del edificio Negro"... It was home , for many years, to Traffico and other government departments... BUT Recently the powers that be decided the building should change its colour NOW it is Pure white. After a lot of discussion amongst the locals it is now refered to , simply as "The Michael Jackson" ... as one local explained was the obvious name... used to be black and then went white .... so next time you go to meet somebody in Malaga ...arrange to meet them outside... "The Michael Jackson" they will know where you mean...


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