SPAIN"Like It" ..we got an ad for that.. Facebook fined €1.2 million

Did you realise that if you liked something on Facebook they would track that information and show ads on your wall based on that ? .. With earning of over 9 BILLION Euros a quarter, Facebook has denied it uses sensitive data to target ads . The claims come amidst a €1.2 million fine imposed on the Social media giant in Spain. The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) claims that FB violated their users’ privacy by exploiting their personal data for advertising purposes.The AEPD based it's claims on how Facebook gathers information on people’s sexuality, religious beliefs and ideologies without telling them how it uses this information. The agency said that users did not give the social network consent to use their information for these purposes and revealed that the company broke more laws by not deleting the data once it was no longer useful.In a statement, Facebook have rejected the accusations saying the AEPD are wrong to accuse the company of showing advertising based on sensitive personal information. They insist their ad-targeting was solely based on content people “liked” on the site.However, under EU law, “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person” qualifies as personal data, which includes the content people “like”.France, Belgium and Germany who have also taken action against the company


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