Spanish city offers tips to cocaine users

Bilbao in northern Spain has sparked outrage after the health department handed out plastic cards printed with pointers on how to safely snort cocaine.

Messages including “Chop your line up well…if it is not well cut you could damage your nostrils” .

Another tip recommends that each person use his or her own “rulo,” a rolled up bank note or other snorting device, in order to stop the spread of infections.

The opposition Popular Party have condemned the action

A spokesperson said: “It is total nonsense to hand out a kind of consumption kit with such a flippant and frivolous message.”

The city council’s health boss, Yolanda Diez, said that “the material has been checked by doctors,” adding that the campaign aims to reduce the risks associated with taking cocaine.

Spain has the second-highest rate of cocaine consumption in Europe with 9.1 per cent of residents aged 15-64 having tried the drug, compared with 9.7 per cent in the UK.


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