Aldi launch an advent calendar full of wine in the UK

It's huge and it's definitely not for the children.

There's not a Santa-shaped chocolate in sight. No, this festive box is filled with wine. And not just tinctures of the stuff – 200ml bottles, which is slightly bigger than a medium glass.

The 24-door boozy calender is Aldi's doing. Which means it must be affordable, right? Correct. The supermarket is charging £49 for it, which works out at just £2 per glass.We don't know yet what wines are on offer, but the Drinks Business says there'll be a mixture of red, white, and rosé, as well as some sparkling arrangements from France, Italy and Spain. Perhaps there'll even be champagne on Christmas Eve?Among the wines are a Merlot and a Chablis from JP Chenet and Calvet. They are available in UK Aldi stores November 14


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