Brothel’s “back to school” party sparks outrage in Andalusia

A “back to school” party was going to take place on Friday, September 15, at 6pm. There was going to be schoolgirls with short plaid skirts and white button-down shirts (that are unbuttoned), go-go dancers, strippers, erotic shows, and a chance to win a €300 voucher (what the voucher was for is unclear). But El Bosque is not a school or a university. It’s a roadside brothel in Cartaya, a city in the southwestern province of Huelva (Andalusia), and on Tuesday it distributed fliers to publicize the event.The manager, who prefers to remain anonymous, can’t understand why this year’s event has caused such a stir, as the party has been running for 10 years. “At least since I’ve been working here,” he says. Some kind of change seems to be in the air, however, and something that may previously have gone unnoticed is now being rejected outright by some members of the public. On Wednesday morning, after a meeting, members of the city council became aware of the promotional fliers, and photos and complaints quickly spread. “We immediately sent the local police with a mayoral decree instructing the brothel to remove the advertising material,” says deputy mayor Manuel Barroso, adding that the fliers are offensive and under no circumstances should they be permitted. The officers, who immediately went to the venue, were not able to deliver the request until the premises reopened late in the afternoon. However, the manager assures us that they collected everything distributed shortly after the controversy began. “There is nothing left here, not in Lepe, nor in Isla Cristina, where we also tend to distribute. In Ayamonte, which is the other town where we do it, we didn’t even make it there. We saw it at 2pm on the news and I had everything collected.”


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