Brits A Bored in Spain, Brexit could be the kick in the A we needed.

We have all heard the saying "Brits Abroad" , it is normally used as a derogatory term for British expats or tourists that just simply refuse to adapt to the way of life in a foreign country despite living there or simply on vacation. But there is now a new term being branded about by Ex Pats, "Brits are Bored".

The last 18 months have seen an unprecidented amount of expats, who had chosen to up sticks and live in Spain ..return to their native UK, many of these are retired and have lived in Spain for a number of years.

There are of course a number of factors that could be behind this exodus... The Brexit vote of june 2016, the fall in the value of the pound against the euro or the sharp increase in the cost of living in popular expat areas of Spain.

But apparently one of the main reasons given by many returning expats is.. "we were getting a bit bored there".

"Many Brits have visited foreign countries for a holiday during their working lives, and decide to go and live there when they retire, but it is a very different scenario from being on the Costa del Sol on holiday and living there 24/7." said Mavis Clayton , originally from Clacton. "There is a lot of bureaucracy there and simple things like getting a phone line , which in the UK you just take for granted, can take forever here. Also the language barrier is a problem , before a lot of people spoke English with you, but now it seems they just don't want to unless they are after your money". Mavis went on to tell how a lot of her friends had left over the last couple of years, because of un certainty over the Brexit situation , especially with regards to health care, The value of the pound falling against the euro , and the sharp increases in things like food , electricity and gas In relation to the UK , the only things that are cheaper in Spain than the UK now seem to be eating and drinking out and public transport.

She went on to say " although a lot of retired people here won't admit it, a lot of them are living here for the weather and because they are not particularly that close to their families in the UK so made the decision to move out of the UK for purely selfish reasons". "Now they are getting a bit bored with the groundhog days of sun bathing and eating at cheap restaurants and drinking in British Bars listening to the same old people talking about the same old things". "Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my life here but now feel I am stagnating so maybe time to move on and give the UK another least my transport is free there and I am guaranteed my health care, even if it does mean having to babysit the pesky grand kids every now and again, Maybe this Brexit thing is the kick up the ..... we need" . When asked if she will return to Clacton ? , Mavis answered "Not on your Nelly that is far too close to the grand kids... I think I will go to Eastbourne" She had a smirk on her face though. Mavis said she will keep me posted on what happens.

Source Kelly Bird , Freelance journalist, Belgium.


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