Sufferin Succotash Spain ,don't associate us with REBELLION....

USA Giant ,Warner Brothers have demanded that Spanish authorities cover up the Looney Tunes characters painted on the ship used to bring riot police to Barcelona.

The ship , which is covered in cartoon characters is currently being used to house more than 4,000 riot police ahead of the outlawed Catalonian vote on Sunday.

Warner Brothers are said to be furious that images of their much-loved Looney toons have been seem worldwide surrounded by military and armed officers.

The company have demanded that it be removed from the port as they did not want their iconic characters being linked with the Catalan crisis and huge police deployment.

Operators of the ship have a contract with Spain´s Ministry of the Interior to use the ship until at least October 5, a deal which could be extended if security needs remain.

Unable to get the operators to break the contract, Warner Brothers then insisted that the images be covered up.

Now Daffy Duck, Wiley Coyote and friends hide behind tarpaulins but that's "not all folks", Tweety Pie has been adopted as an ironic symbol of defiance by Catalan separatists.


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