Ryanair to allow Wheelie bags in cabin in damage limitation exercise despite previous announcement

Ryanair have backtracked on some of their new baggage restrictions due to come in force on Nov 1st.In a statement Ryanair announced they will postpone some of their new baggage rules until the beginning 2018.

The new restrictions included having to pay €5.50 for priority boarding if you wanted to take a wheelie bag into the cabin.

A Ryanair spokesperson said the delays were to allow passengers “more time to familiarise themselves with the changes.” The new rules will come into force on January 15.

However an inside source told CNR, it is actually a damage limitation exercise, in view of the chaotic situation they had with 1000s of flights cancelled, due to lack of staff,and the negative reaction and press coverage this generated the last thing they want is more negative publicity surrounding arguments with passengers at boarding gates.

Ryanair have issued the following statement on their website now , regarding cabin baggage.

What you CAN bring on board

You can bring 1 wheelie bag which is 55x40x20cm in size and 1 small bag e.g. handbag, laptop bag etc. Your wheelie bag must not exceed 10kg in weight. This bag must also fit in our sizer and should easily fit in the overhead locker. Your small bag must not exceed 35x20x20cm and should easily fit under the seat in front of you. Failure to comply will result in a charge of £50 per item at the departure get and may also lead to delays for all passengers onboard


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